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Pomegranate apartments Luxury Accomodation


Pomegranate apartments

Logo design and corporate identity creation for “Pomegranate apartments” in Kalamata, which are offered for absolute moments of relaxation.

Visual depiction

The logo is inspired by the beautiful location, the high level of hospitality and the general positive aura, “good luck” that surrounds the space and is captured with a pomegranate. The new corporate image matches the philosophy of the owners, while complementing the elegant image of the rooms.

The color palette chosen for the new visual identity of the rented rooms, is based on earth tones (terracotta), which promote the peace and tranquility that the visitor seeks during his stay.

λογότυπο Καλαμάτα
σχεδιασμός λογότυπου Καλαμάτα
λογότυπο Καλαμάτα

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