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Daphne’s Club Hotel

The requested plan

Logo design as well as corporate identity design for Daphne’s Club Hotel, in Xylokastro.

The story

This is the first ecological hotel in Greece. Small, family and elegant, is just steps away from the beautiful beach of Sykia and the coastal pine forest of Xylokastro and promises to make you feel like home.

It offers a variety of activities for the whole family while offering unique moments of relaxation and carefree.

Logo Design For Hotel After
Palio Logotupo Ksenodoxeiou Before
Hotel Corporate Identity

Visual depiction

Designous proceeded to the logo redesign for the Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments, illustrating the letter D in the form of a shell, which at the same time refers to pebble or wave. The logo exudes immediacy and intimacy through its circular shape, creating a sense of calm and caring for the visitor, who is conveyed to the summer and the sea.

We chose modern rounded fonts, in order to enhance the concepts of hospitality and warmth in a modern style.

The basic color of the new visual identity is the petroleum color, with some details in light gray. The colors were chosen to also match the colors of the hotel’s restaurant, to maintain consistency and uniformity in the corporate identity and to achieve a flawless aesthetic result.

Simansi Ksenodoxeiou Hotel Signage
Etairiki Tautotita Ksenodoxeiou
Etairiki Tautotita Gia Ksenedoxeio 2
Sxediasmos Entupou Gia Ksenodoxeio
Beautiful artwork and very good customer service

Beautiful artwork and very good customer service. All in all I would recommend Designous to my friends and colleagues and look forward to working with their team.

Daphne Mavrommati
Owner Daphnes Club

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