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Liakos Euthimios

The “LIAKOS” law firm, based in Ptolemaida, represents its customers consistently and professionally, offering high level services.

Visual depiction

The competitive market in the industry has led the law firm to get a dynamic logo, which will communicate both the vocation of the lawyer and the name of the company.

Based on these, we designed a logo that conveys emotions that stem from the concepts of law, justice and prudence, terms that are inextricably linked to the profession.

Liakos Law Branding Logo
The idea
Liakos Law Branding Logo Idea

Regarding the design of the logo, we combined the pattern of the ancient Greek pole, which usually adorns the court buildings with the initials of the name (E.L) in English, in a way that forms the pole.

Liakos Law Branding 1
Liakos Law Branding 2


The website is a powerful tool when exploiting the legal profession. To this end, we have given prominence to all areas of legal action in which the office specializes, designing a modern and responsive website. Simplicity in design makes the user experience unique and relaxing, serving every need. The selected color palette enhances the user experience, while the complementary colors create balance and harmony.

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