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Vomvarda Theodora

The dietitian-nutritionist Theodora Vomvarda, believes that the change in nutrition is indissolubly linked to the way one thinks and acts. Her office, based in Xanthi, provides personalized nutritional care services, with the main concern being the promotion of a more physical and mental health.

Visual depiction

The logo was designed to visually communicate the nature of the profession. When designing it, we focused on minimal lines, wanting to emphasize the absolute balance and wellness offered by a healthy diet.

The colors we have chosen to complete the branding are fully harmonized with the philosophy of the dietitian’s approach. Olive color, is a color of harmony, which symbolizes hope, peace, health and refreshment – elements that occurs through the adoption of a healthier lifestyle – and gold, which causes pleasure and brain activity while it is associated with energy.

Vomvarda Branding Logo
The idea
Vomvarda Branding Logo Idea

The designing of the logo, arose from the combination of the dietitian’s initials.

Vomvarda Branding 1
Vomvarda Branding 2


The website is designed to clearly present the services offered by the office. The articles complete the site, while contributing to the information and awareness of the public, in terms of health, as it emerges through nutrition.

The design of the website was implemented according to the branding in pastel shades and follows the aesthetics of the office.

Particular emphasis was placed on responsiveness and SEO, so that the website adapts to all screens and devices on the one hand and on the other hand has a good ranking on Google.

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