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Branding Packaging

Earini Melissa Honey

The requested plan

The logo design, the label design, the corporate identity and also the package design for the pure Greek honey “Earini Melissa”.

The story

Earini Melissa, is an excellent quality, Greek aromatic honey of selected varieties (pine honey, fir honey, flower honey etc.).

The producers of this honey, the Alexopoulou family are people with love and respect for nature and the honey, which they, for decades now, produce in different parts of the Greek countryside. They turned to Designous in order to give further prominence to their product and give it the image it deserves.

Logotupo Gia Meli 1
Logotupo Gia Paragogo Meliou 1 Copy

Visual depiction

Even if you have the best honey in the world, it must be initially contacted by its looks and then its taste. Particularly, in the logo design, the flower and the hive were used as a connection with the origin of the honey (derives from the nectar of the plants).

Subsequently, in the font we used on the honey label, we chose black letters on a white label background to visually transfer to the consumers, the freshness and purity of the honey, and at the same time the elegance in the design of the product. Precisely because honey is a very special product, we decided to create an aptly designed package, that will make a difference on the shelves of the stores.

Regarding the design of the honey package, we created a drop of honey, flowing from the lid of the package to the center of the jar, to achieve instant rendition of the message.

Λογότυπο και ετικέτες μελιού
Λογότυπο για παραγωγό μελιού
We were absolutely satisfied

Outstanding work and immaculate cooperation, the outcome was exactly as we wanted it to be and as we have imagined.

We were absolutely satisfied, thank you very much!

Christina Alexopoulou

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