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Silver Silk

The designer of the “Silver Silk” scarves ‘collection, paints digitally and then imprints the designs on pure silk. Each of her creations is a canvas inspired by her thoughts, impulses and feelings.

Visual depiction

With absolute respect for the designer and the brand, we undertook the design of the corporate identity and the creation of a logo for the designer of handmade scarves. In the logo, the two “S” (initial letters) are imprinted as one, forming “floating” scarves, attributing the movement and soft texture of silk to the skin.The feather added in the corporate identity and imprinted on the packaging (bag, boxes), signifies freedom and purity.

As a basic color, we used powder pink, which symbolizes care and conveys the designer’s love for what she does. It fits perfectly with her personality, while exuding romance and femininity.

The two “S” derived from the initials of the brand are presented as one, in the form of floating cloths, in a whimsy and delicate way.

Silver Silk Logo
The idea
Silver Silk Logo Idea


At the same time, we undertook the packaging design for “Silver Silk”. Both the bag and the box,which we chose, for the storage of the scarves, are durable and compose a beautiful result, a special gift idea. They exude the purpose and the overall feel of the product.

Business card, thank you card, flyer etc. where designed in a way that adds value to the brand and exudes the purpose and overall sense of the product.

Silver Silk Branding 1
Silver Silk Branding 2


We undertook the creation and management of social media. The designer’s creations are presented on Facebook and Instagram, while the brand is gaining awareness.

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We also undertook the creation of the e-shop for the designer. In the implementation of the new online presence of “Silver Silk”, the creative look and passion of Natasa Argyropoulou is reflected. constitutes a continuation of the identity of the designer. The ultimate goal of the designing of the e-shop is the immediate finding of the designs by the visitor and their easy purchase. The design details embrace the brand, highlighting the unique scarves-works of art. On the whole, an ideal environment has been created, characterized by functionality and harmony.

The e-shop is responsive to all devices while special emphasis, during the design, was placed to users who navigate from a mobile phone as they constitute a large percentage of the shoppers.

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