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Hanger Boutique

Hanger Boutique store provides to the public, distinctive women’s clothing, by the most famous brands in Greece. With a love for fashion, it was created to provide females with unique fashion items that make a difference.

Visual depiction

Our agency undertook the branding for the clothing store. In particular, we created a modern, minimal and at the same time timeless logo for the clothing store, which perfectly expresses the philosophy and style of the brand. In the design of the corporate identity, pink is presented as the dominant color, which is interwoven with femininity and carelessness.

The idea
Logo Idea

The second letter of the word H”a”nger, is depicted graphically through the form of a hanger.

Branding Stationary
Branding Cards


We undertook the creation and management of the company’s social media. Hanger Boutique, through Facebook & Instagram now, gives prominence to the statement clothes it trades, harnessing the power of platforms for online ordering and shopping.

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The whole branding, was the inspiration for the design of the e-shop, which presents the high aesthetics and the affordable luxury – identic elements of the feeling that the visitors of the physical store receive.

White background, pale shades and modern typography, become the basis for an artistic canvas presentation of designers and their products, inviting the modern woman to the magical world of fashion. The easy and discreet navigation in, create a pleasant environment that is defined by harmony.

Special emphasis when designing the e-shop for the clothing store, was given to mobile users, who are the largest percentage of the buying public now.

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