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The professional presence of the architectural office was completed with the implementation of a minimal website. The site’s architecture followed the style of the engineer’s work, characterized by fine and elegant lines, distinctive effects that attract the attention of the visitor and simple aesthetics. In the content of the site, the projects’ photo have a leading role and are displayed on a white background to show off in the best possible way.

The design of the corporate identity of the architect, based in Mykonos, was a visual challenge for us. Our goal was to capture the profession of the engineer through lines and curves that are combined in a geometric way, forming the initial letters of his name. Minimal style with motifs in black and white color make up the new renewed image of the engineer.

The corporate identity has been applied to printed materials such as business cards, letterheads, folder, notepad, business gift.

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Kind words

Thank you very much for everything!!

I am blissful with the result, happy and friendly environment!!

I was impressed with the immediate response in everything and the complete understanding of what I was asking for!! Good luck!!

Konstantina Syngiridi
Architecture engineer

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