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Anastasia Troupioti

Interior designer-architect Anastasia Troupioti undertakes the processing of works of high aesthetics. She loves simplicity, harmony and perfect functionality, elements that are reflected in each of her projects.

Visual depiction

According to Vitruvios: “Harmonious design means that nothing can be added or removed.”

We defined this in terms of design, by capturing the dot in the logo, which forms the letter A (initial of the words Architecture & Art). The beginning of any visual symbol is the dot. The logo depicts exactly this act of original creation, in a place where there was nothing before. The circular shape of the dot represents a continuous line, which separates the internal from the external part (interior – exterior design).

Moreover, we have developed the main applications of corporate identity in black and white, as an interconnection with the shadow and the light that emerges from the volumes and facades of buildings. White symbolizes purity and brightness, while black is synonymous with elegant luxury and prestige.

Troupioti Logo
The idea
Troupioti Logo Idea

The main idea for the logo design stems from the concepts of perfection and minimalism, which are the basic principles of architecture.

Troupioti Branding 1
Troupioti Branding 2


The website we designed for the architect is minimal, with a modern style and fully responsive to the object of activity. We used all contemporary technologies in order to bring out a result that corresponds to the prestige and high quality of the services provided.

Finally, we have made all the necessary optimizations in order to develop a website with fast loading speed, easy to navigate and friendly to all devices, which offers a pleasant user experience.

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