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Google Ads Services

Google Ads Advertising

Paid Google Ads advertising is the most important targeted advertising tool, as it displays the website or eshop, at the time of the search, with specific keywords. Offering Google Ads services, we help increase direct sales and brand awareness. Many customers ask us “How can my website be the first to show in Google?”. As Google Certified Partners, we create Google Ads campaigns that rank a website / eshop at the top of Google.

Google Ads Campaigns

We create Google Ads campaigns that bring maximum results at the lowest possible cost, through specific actions, in an efficient and creative way.

Starting from the analysis of both the business, the market and the competition, we create appropriate campaigns and individual advertisements, targeting a specific audience and we make continuous optimizations, according to the study of the resulting statistics. High-level automation services, combined with day-to-day management of Google Ads campaigns, are the key to success and delivering measurable results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solve all your questions

Why Google Ads?

Ads, Google’s highly successful pay-per-click (PPC) advertising system, works for every type of business. It is the most targeted and economical way of advertising, which offers direct traffic to a site or e-shop.

What is the difference between organic rankings & Google Ads?

The site generates organic traffic based on the services it offers, the content and the right SEO. In contrast with Google Ads, businesses pay for the traffic they receive to their site or e-shop, ensuring more impressions.

Why should I choose your agency to be advertised on Google?

We are certified Google partners with many years of experience and continuous updating of our knowledge regarding the Digital Marketing part. We use effective practices to achieve continuous ad optimization.

How will I be aware of the results of my Google Ads?

From day one, we track a number of metrics, such as cost per click for each keyword, traffic, conversion rate, etc. We connect the website / e-shop to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other platforms where you have full access to track statistics.

How do we define the amount of advertising?

The amount of advertising is mainly determined by you, in combination with how your competitors are moving and the goals you want to achieve. With the data we examine, we suggest the appropriate amount of money.

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