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The creation of an e-shop with custom design adapts to the needs of a business, strengthens the visibility of an expanded audience, boosts trust and provides opportunities for development beyond the local market.

Creating an e-shop is the first step in increasing a company’s online sales. High aesthetics, speed and ease of navigation are the main features that an eshop must have in order to be successful and reach customers.

E-shop Development

At Designous we specialize in designing an online store (e-shop) in WordPress with custom design. Guided by our know-how, experience and endless imagination, we implement e-shops that stand out from the competition and bring results.

The methodology

Steps of effective organization.


We discuss together and we ask you some questions regarding the nature of your business, your action, the audience you are addressing and the style that you would like your new website to have.

In addition, we clarify in which category your website will be included, whether it will be an eshop, a corporate website or a blog. Finally, we define the goals and the needs of your business, tailored to the trends of modern times.



We conduct a research on the dynamics of the market and the competition, in order to offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing website.

We collect data about the specific features that discern your business and distinguish you from competition.

Then, we include these features in the creating of your website, pointing them out in the best possible way.

Our aim: the original design, the accurate optimization and the personalization of the website, responding to your real needs.


Organizing material

After the thorough research, we begin to organize the material we have gathered and the material the customer has send to us (photos, texts, products etc).

The files are stored online in cloud and we share folders with the client so that he has direct access to the material, without having to exchange dozens of emails for gathering the material.

We then design the appropriate sitemaps, initially by hand and then in an electronic form, which we give to the customer, for the first approval before we proceed to the design of the website.



During the web design phase, we select the structure of the website on which we will rely on and which we have already agreed with the customer.

We import the fonts and the colors that derive from the corporate identity of the company, making sure that they are in full sequence with each other. The photos of the website, come either from a photoshoot, or from the internet.

We then choose the icons that will make the website unique and harmonious to the style of the company. We use the appropriate background so that the website is legible and clear. In the case of an eshop, we make sure that the user can easily make a purchase.



Once the above steps have been completed, we perform extensive control over the entire structure of the website and then present it to the customer. The website or the eshop have been designed on the basis of what we have discussed during our contact with the customer.

We emphasize on detail and make sure that the design of the website is esthetically appealing and modern. At the presentation stage, the customer has the ability to make minor modifications to the content so that it is precisely tailored to your business.

In addition, we ask the customer to make an extensive inspection over all of the content on the website, in order to confirm that there is no omission and to compile something else in case needed.



Having completed the latest customer suggestions, we proceed in to the optimizing of the functionality of the site, as well as the ultimate control over SEO and keywords, so that the website can meet search engine criteria.

In addition, we perform a technical test on all devices in order to be 100% responsive, offer the user a pleasant navigation experience (UX) and make him interact and reach the desirable for the business point (UI), through the appropriate Call to action buttons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solve all your questions

Why should I own a website for my business?

The question is why you don’t already have a website?! Modern website = Modern business. A well-designed website automatically becomes a tool for highlighting your work in the global online market, talking about you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Why is creating an e-shop worth it?

Creating an online store is a wise business move for professionals who want to keep a 24/7 store online at low cost. You will be able to present your products and services, beyond the limits of the local market, creating a new channel of incoming sales, while enhancing the impact of your brand on the market.

Can you guarantee the increase of sales through my e-shop?

The most important thing for an online store is to create the right conditions for selling on its own and this is what we aim for as Designous. To achieve this, we create an e-shop with an attractive design that inspires confidence and presents the products or services you offer.

Equally important is easy navigation and searching, proper promotion of special offers and of course a successful advertising campaign. Utilizing the above parameters, and guided by the quality of your brand, we contribute to the process of increasing your sales.

Will it be easy for me to make changes to my website?

Of course, we create websites / e-shops in WordPress and that allows you to access the admin, edit and add content (articles, images, videos, etc.).

Upon completion of the website, we give you online written instructions and train you live on how to use the website or e-shop.

An acquaintance of mine was willing to create my website for free or at a very low cost. Why should I choose your agency and not him?

Just because someone can create a website for free doesn’t mean that it will be of quality or that they can do it right, especially if they are not professionals and do not have the required experience.

Many claim to create websites, but few actually do it the right way. Assigning your website to someone with little experience or an amateur will definitely cost you a lot of time, lost money and a bad online appearance.

Our modern understanding of web design, allows us to design or update your online presence in a way that differentiates you and ensures the success of your venture. Your website will stand out and have the right ux design, so that the visitor is easily guided during his navigation in any device.

What is the cost that I will incur for the designing of a website/e-shop?

Contact us so that we can give you a first estimate based on your needs and proportional to the requirements of your project.

With what kind of businesses does your office work with?

The majority of our customers are medium, small and individual companies both in Greece and abroad.

Commercial businesses, startups, tech companies and catering companies are some of the industries we work with. But we can approach with the same professionalism, every new design project from any industry.

What more does your agency provide than other agencies?

At Designous, we truly respect your vision and the values of your business. Our aim is to convey your philosophy into a useful communication message, of unparalleled design. We work methodically, organizationally and with absolute consistency in the delivery times of each project.

We are by your side during the implementation phase of the project but also after its completion. We want our collaboration to be long lasting and we do our best so that you are completely satisfied.

How long will it take for my project to be completed?

The maximum expected time for your project presentation is up to 6 weeks, as long as you are fully prepared with the organizing of the material and promptly available for communication.

After the presentation of the plans and the necessary corrections, within 2 weeks, you will have received the final plans. We make sure that we are always on time, consistent with our obligations, in order to ensure a great cooperation.

In case the final outcome does not fully satisfy me, what do we do?

With the right brief, the communication and the questionnaire that you complete before the design, we fully understand your style and preferences.

So the margin of deviation is very small. But even if any deviation occurs, we will work together to get the result that will satisfy you completely.

To whom do the work rights belong to?

Once your project is delivered and paid, you are automatically given all rights to use it.

What we create is personalized for you, expresses your business and can only give real value to you.

Can your office take on the support of my website?

Of course, after the design of your website, we can take on the complete technical support of your website, keeping it updated.

At Designous, we have the necessary know-how and experience, both on an advisory level and on a level of immediate resolution of technical issues.

My business operates in a different city. Will a smooth cooperation be possible between us?

Of course, we can work together, as well as we could have worked while being in the same city. We successfully undertake projects for companies both in Greece and abroad.

Besides, 90% of the communication with our customers is conducted via email, phone, Skype or Viber.

How do we start our collaboration?

If you are really interested in proceeding with your project, then contact us today, in whatever way is convenient for you. We, then, will ensure that the necessary material needed for your project, will be collected.

Soon after, with a specific methodology, we start designing and implementing your work and on the basis of it, we build a long-lasting collaboration between us.

Ready for the next step?

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