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At Designous, we provide digital marketing services, turning the internet into a business opportunity, through a complete digital plan. Combining our experience and knowledge, we provide innovative ideas that transform into targeted strategic solutions, helping a business to grow.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A proper Digital Marketing strategy combines search engine advertising (Google Ads campaigns), SEO optimization, Social Media promotion (Facebook & Instagram) and Email Marketing strategy design, while at the same time maintaining a single corporate identity.

The main goal is to effectively promote a business in digital media, with specific promotions that pay off. We create all the conditions, through marketing tools, so that a business can receive visitors who will be converted into customers.

Digital marketing services are the ideal solution for a business to communicate with consumers. In a world that is constantly changing, the digital environment has emerged as the strongest field of presence and consolidation of brands.

Social Media

Proper management of social media accounts is the key to increasing a business’s visibility. Every contemporary professional knows how important social media advertising is…

Email marketing

Promotion through email marketing is a high-performance action that can improve your business in the market and the recognition of your brand…


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a set of actions that help a website or an e-shop get optimal ranking in Google.
SEO services are part of…

Google Ads

Paid Google Ads advertising is the most important targeted advertising tool, as it displays the website or e-shop, at the time of the search with specific keywords…

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