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Branding is all about creating a brand identity that perfectly reflects your brand. Branding design describes how a brand visually represents their brand identity. It typically refers to key brand elements such as logo, color scheme, typography, and other design components that makes a brand stand out from competitors.

Branding and more specifically corporate identity design is about creating the professional image of a business. What we do is give character to a brand with remarkable visual features that make a long lasting impression on the public. We create logos and corporate identity fully adapted to the culture, values and needs of the brand.

Corporate identity definition

To the question “what is the corporate identity of a company”, the answer is the set of perceptions, style and aesthetics, reflected through graphic design (logo, folders, fonts, colors, etc.), creating a corporate profile that presents the brand to the public.

Corporate identity design includes logo design and various applications. Creating a complete professional image of a company, we transfuse character, designing the brand with visual elements, which cause a permanent impression on the public and potentiate the corporate image.

Branding Services

Our branding services are fully adapted to the culture, values ​​and needs of the brand. We utilize a wide range of skills, methodology and principles to create an integrated branding. Emphasising on details, placement, differentiation and tangible elements such as color palette, typography, graphics, illustration and design.

The graphic design department will work with you to highlight the competitive advantage of your business. Our approach to corporate identity design is a combination of strategy, design exploration and imagination.

The methodology

Steps of effective organization.


The first contact with the customer is made by phone, online or at our headquarters. Through a personalized questionnaire, we record the goals and needs of the client, examine the schedule and explore the possibility of cooperation.



After our communication, we send a custom offer and cooperation agreement, which describes the project specifications, schedule and terms of cooperation. The project is assigned after the deposit is made.



Through a specially designed questionnaire (brief), the customer lists his wishes and shares with us designs that interest him. We exchange images and files (mood board) so that he can visualize his reasoning.



Utilizing the data, we begin to shape the idea. Our goal is to create unique designs that strengthen the brand and its overall image. We design personalized, timeless, authentic and always up-to-date proposals.



Based on the data we have chosen along with the customer (design brief), we present our proposals, which upgrade the image, services or products of the company. We suggest applications (mockups) for the customer to understand how the plans we have implemented are captured.



After the presentation of the proposals and any changes-corrections by the customer, the delivery plans are finalized. The completion of the project always finds both the client and our team feeling proud and smiling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Solve all your questions

What branding and why is it so important to my business?

Your trade name and brand are the way the customer understands your business. Your brand is the keystone of your business marketing strategy and avails as a guide to understanding the purpose of your business goals and diversifies you in the market.

An integrated corporate identity is the one that will provide the necessary potential to your business and create long-lasting relationships of trust with your customers.

What are the benefits of branding?

According to Steve Forbes, “Your brand is the only and the most important investment you can make for your business.

“Branding, creates a complete and accessible corporate identity that your audience can understand and identify.

In addition, it contributes to the creation of a loyal customer base (loyal customers) and consequently on the brand awareness of your business and on the increase in sales.

Should I choose a logo design or a complete branding services?

The logo is an individual element of corporate identity and plays an important role as it is the visualized presentation of your business.

In case you are looking for a more complete image, then you need to choose corporate identity design that covers the entire range of the branding services and communication design of your brand with all applications.

Why is it worth inventing in corporate identity design?

Visual communication is a science. Creating a corporate identity is very important for any business. It is an investment that gives added value to a business.

With your new professional image, you will feel that you have a special brand, which will motivate you to dynamically promote it in new markets.

With what kind of businesses does your office work with?

The majority of our customers are medium, small and individual companies both in Greece and abroad.

Commercial businesses, startups, tech companies and catering companies are some of the industries we work with. But we can approach with the same professionalism, every new design project from any industry.

What more does your agency provide than other agencies?

At Designous, we truly respect your vision and the values of your business. Our aim is to convey your philosophy into a useful communication message, of unparalleled design. We work methodically, organizationally and with absolute consistency in the delivery times of each project. We are by your side during the implementation phase of the project but also after its completion. We want our collaboration to be long lasting and we do our best so that you are completely satisfied.

How long does it take for my project to be completed?

The maximum expected time for your project presentation is up to 4 weeks, as long as you are fully prepared with the organizing of the material and promptly available for communication.

After the presentation of the plans and the necessary corrections, within 1 week, you will have received the final plans. We make sure that we are always on time, consistent with our obligations, in order to ensure a great cooperation.

In case the final outcome does not fully satisfy me, what do we do?

With the right brief, the communication and the questionnaire that you complete before the design, we fully understand your style and preferences.

So the margin of deviation is very small. But even if any deviation occurs, we will work together to get the result that will satisfy you completely.

To whom do the work rights belong to?

Once your project is delivered and paid, you are automatically given all rights to use it.

What we create is personalized for you, expresses your business and can only give real value to you.

Can your office take on the printing of the corporate identity?

Of course, after the design, if necessary, we can take full care of the printing process.

Our agency cooperates with reliable and experienced printers for any type of printing on quality and special papers, with unique printing techniques and with consistency in delivery times.

My business operates in a different city. Will a smooth cooperation be possible between us?

Of course, we can work together, as well as we could have worked while being in the same city.

We successfully undertake projects for companies both in Greece and abroad. Besides, 90% of the communication with our customers is conducted via email, phone, Skype or Viber.

How do we start our collaboration?

If you are really interested in proceeding with your work, then contact us today, in whatever way is convenient for you. We, then, will ensure that the necessary material needed for your project, will be collected.

Soon after, with a specific methodology, we start designing and implementing your work and on the basis of it, we build a long-lasting collaboration between us.

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