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Branding is about creating the personality and face of your company, product or service. What we do is, is to form the suitable character, a brand with distinctive and memorable visual characteristics that make an impact on your audience.

We create professional logo designs and corporate identities that are customized to your brand’s culture, core values & needs To do so, we make good use of a broad spectrum of skills and disciplines to build the complete brand. We pay attention to every single detail such as strategy, positioning, and differentiation, to more tangible elements such as color palette, typography, graphics, photography, illustration, and design. Combined, these cues play a critical role in building an unforgettable brand, not just another new name, logo or visual identity.

We believe that creating effective brand identities means building meaningful relationships and delivering a clear and consistent message. Our design team will work closely with you to identify your unique offering to the market and communicate this through inspired design. Our approach is a combination of strategy, design exploration, and imagination. We create beautiful visual identities that will make a lasting impression on your audience

The methodology

First interaction


The first contact with our customers, is either at our office, either by phone or online (email. skype, viber, etc.).

This first contact, is an urgent need for us, as we are looking forward to meet the man behind the idea. We collect information about the philosophy of the business, which we then use in the best possible way.

We help the customer define the identity of his work or his product.



Having received the customer’s guidelines, we proceed with the estimating of the cost and the completion time of the project.

We expound on the topic and make sure that the cost benefits both sides.

The analytical assessment of the project, is sent by email and takes the form of a cooperation agreement, where all the terms and steps of the cooperation, are described.



After the acceptance of the offer, we proceed to the stage where the project is being analyzed.

We emphasize on the detail and shape solutions according to the needs of the company, having as a parameter the existing market competition. We analyze and examine all the aspects of the project, adducing the best possible solution for our customers.

If the customer has not already decided on the naming, and upon request, we covenant to suggest ideas about the brand.



Having optimized the data so far and always in accordance with the costumer’s requirements, we give form to the idea. Our goal is to develop a product or a service strategy, in order to create an innovative corporate identity and empower the brand.

The visual and digital imprinting of the idea, is something that we take very seriously.

We begin with the drafts that are originally designed on paper and then transferred to the computer, and continue by giving solutions that do not assemble to something else or follow any trend of the time as we want to be timeless, authentic and always up to date.



Based on the elements we have chosen together with the customers (design brief), we present our suggestions, which could highlight the image of his business.

We recommend relevant or indicative applications to the company’s new corporate identity, so that the customer fully understands the applications of the projects we have implemented for his business.



Once the presentation of the proposals has been completed, we provide the client with the time needed to come up with one of the solutions we have listed, or to request any modifications to the plans so that they are tailored to his business needs.

Having as a point or reference the suggestions that may arise, we adapt the plans accordingly, in order to achieve the optimal result for him.


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